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As well as providing the control functions that allow integration with wall readers and access control solutions such as mag-locks, exit buttons and break glasses, the Salto door controllers enable an interface to local network infrastructure. This interface allows a connected wall reader to become an ‘always on’ device providing real-time updates to user's cards and allowing near instantaneous feedback to the system operator. 

At Lock-tec we can provide bespoke control panels incorporating the Salto door controllers with a switch mode power supply and DIN rail connections to make the installation as simple as possible.


The CU42E0 is a ‘network ready’ controller with an RJ45 socket to allow easy connection to an existing LAN via a standard Cat 5/6 cable. Up to four complimentary CU4200 controllers can be connected to a single CU42E0 via a 485 bus allowing up to 10 doors off a single network connection.

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