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The SALTO NEO European cylinder (pictured) is specially designed to fit most Euro doors fitted with a European profile mortice cylinder lock.

The compact SALTO Neo Cylinder is designed for doors where an electronic escutcheon is not feasible or required.  This cylinder can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electrical switches, sliding doors and more. It is available in a wide range of models to suit most doors Worldwide.

SALTO Neo Cylinder technology enables us to introduce a new experience to users, system operators and installers utilising keyless access. The SALTO Neo Cylinder has more functionality and performance capability to enable businesses to connect to their on-site network via enhanced SVN or cloud technology based entry management platforms.

This Electronic cylinder lock fits any door in any facility and provides an excellent electronic locking platform that integrates all physical security needs through wireless and battery-operated smart cylinders. System operators are provided with all the latest user information for virtually all doors in the building.



  • UK Oval Profile Cylinder 

  • Cam Lock Cylinder 

  • Scandinavian Cylinder

  • ANSI Mortise Cylinder 

  • UK Rim Cylinder K1

  • Swing Handle Cylinder

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