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The XS4 Original+ product line is an innovative smart locking system that is universally scalable and provides next-generation access control technologies in a market-proven solution.


The XS4 Original+ platform unifies all of your physical security needs using wireless networked, stand-alone locks, providing you real-time access control for almost all of the doors in your building. It's simple to operate and adapt, and it has a clean design.

This escutcheon is available in a DIN standard model if necessary, to meet the requirements of DIN 1825 standard doors. No additional drilling of the door is required and it is fully compatible with the DIN 18250 standard installation instructions.


IM             PM           BC          IA             PP             PM          NG 

IM: Satin Stainless Steel

PM: Polished Stainless Steel

BC: BioCote

IA:   Antique Brass

PP: Polishind Brass

PM: Satin Brass

NG: Black 


*Product Datasheet not available at this time. 

Salto Handle Design.png

* Please note some handles may only be available in certain finishes - contact us to check availability

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