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Speedgates use the very latest in high tech entrance control systems for pedestrian throughput, ensuring only one person gains access for each authorised card presented. They are as simple to use as they are pleasing to the eye and, with the capability to process 60 people per minute, offer a wide range of design choices to complement your environment. The Speedgate category of optical turnstiles utilises glass barriers as a physical deterrent, the barriers either retract into the turnstile pedestal or are of the very popular swing barrier type of barrier. *requires editing

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Glassgate 400

the premium Fastlane Speedgate model for high security applications, with a very robust chassis and aesthetic stainless steel enclosure for an open feel. This model offers a range of barrier height options to meet a wide range of entrance control applications. *requires editing


Glassgate 200

The original model of the Fastlane Speedgates range, the bi-directional, normally closed single swinging glass barrier provides a slim pedestal entrance control security solution, ideal for environments where the footprint is limited but security provisions are required. *requires editing

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